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Life IS HARD right? Especially if you, like me, are always looking to improve the quality of your life.

For more than two decades now I have been a student of human behaviour with a specific focus on modelling excellence.


...What is the difference that makes the difference between two people from similar backgrounds and skillsets where one person generates much more success than the other.

So many business owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs work tirelessly, often for years, yet do not seem to get the quality of results that you desire to live the quality of life that you really and truly deserve.

Often you are not consciously aware why however, what happens next, in my experience , is a tragedy.

You continue doing the same things and getting the same results. When nothing changes you eventually lose your mojo, often procrastinate, experience burnout and eventually your own self value and self-worth diminishes.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You have taken the challenge of stepping out of the ordinary and you deserve a better quality of life than you are currently experiencing.

If I have learned one thing it is that life is too short to waste any more time.

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Success in any business is 80% Psychology (mindset) and 20% Mechanics (strategy).

When a business is struggling, most business owners shift their entire focus to strategy.

But 80% of the time, the choke hold on your business is actually your psychology. Yes, the strategy, the skills, the tools — these are all critical components to creating real and sustainable growth, but knowledge alone is not power, it’s simply potential power. Execution will always create greater results than theory. And execution starts with your psychology.

If you are not in the right mental state then you have little or no chance of changing your behaviour and executing the most important tasks that your business needs you to do.

​Working with Terry you will not only have access to someone who has built a substantial 8 figure portfolio of businesses but, in addition Terry one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet in growth mindset which is why he has been dubbed The Mindshaper by many of his clients.


"Terry changed my life"

"I'd say we had four or five six sessions which inspired inspired me and changed my life completely I say not just in football I'd say changed my life my personal life my everyday life changed me as a person the way I the way I think the way I act
and as a player I've been at Doncaster
10 years now and I've gone from strength
​to strength"

James Coppinger - Former professional footballer and Founder of Pro Mindset

"He definitely walks the talk"

"Terry has a skill that I am in awe of, hence the desire to be part of the courses that he has run. He carries wisdom, and it’s nice to think that some of that rubs off. He gives and expects honesty and pulls you out of your comfort zone, all the while helping you to expand your comfort zone. He has a no-nonsense approach, He definitely walks the talk. Each course or meeting is a great learning experience, with an expectation that something special will occur – and usually does. Terry has great stories to illustrate his messages and ‘teachings’. He has a great sense of humour and is great to be around."

Jonathan Gaul

"Ready to take on the toughest challenges"

“Terry was kind enough to coach me when I worked with him in private equity. His ability to probe and ask questions that offered profound insights and clarity was transformative. I always left each session feeling ready to take on the toughest challenges, a sense of joy and with an abundance of energy. Highly recommended.”

Jahangir Khan

T E R R Y  G O R M L E Y

Terry Gormley is a trading name of G4CE Ltd.

Jandrem, Hirst Road,
Carlton, Goole, South Yorkshire, England
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