Terry’s Story.

Terry is a human behaviour specialist, performance coach and motivational speaker, and has devoted almost two decades of his life to the study of extraordinary thinking.

He has made it his mission to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in their lives, by working with them to transform the way they think so that they can transform their results.

In Terry’s work within the corporate world – with business owners, entrepreneurs and in professional sports performance – he challenges and provokes each client’s way of thinking, with a specific focus on helping them to shape their future and live their lives on purpose. This has led to clients dubbing him “the Mindshaper”.

From humble beginnings as a coal miner, followed by more than 15 years working as a firefighter, Terry has become one of the UK’s most sought-after professional performance coaches. His passion for understanding why people do what they do, and how they can change their behaviour forever, gives him a unique insight into how to affect change.

Terry has received considerable praise from attendees of his high-performance workshops and seminars. On his two best-known programmes – Unlocking the Will to Act and Developing the Business Owner – Terry regularly demonstrates his impressive ability to identify the secret strategies that allow people to unlock their talents and fulfil their potential.

Terry is dedicated to helping business owners to protect their legacy and achieve their life goals.