Terry’s Journey….

I come from a mining family and what I do now couldn’t be further from what I imagined as a lad growing up in Yorkshire. I’m an investor, and I buy businesses.

But for me, it’s about much more than just signing the paperwork and moving on to the next deal. There’s a much bigger picture, and that’s what’s on my mind when I’m helping a business owner to exit their business. What kind of life can the vendor now enjoy, without the burden they’ve been carrying? How can I make sure that the transaction is a positive, life-improving change for everyone involved? That includes my team, the staff at the company I’ve just bought and also the seller, as they move on to the next part of their life journey. That’s what I’m passionate about. That’s the bigger picture.

To put it simply, I like helping people.

I’ve come across many business owners, stuck in the company that has funded their lifestyle but has also trapped them. They have no idea how to get out.

I meet others who have no idea what retirement looks like; it feels like an impossible dream. They get burned out and stressed. Their health and relationships are affected. It’s sad, but it’s a grim reality.

I work with business owners to structure a deal which is win-win for everyone involved. I make sure they fully understand the process of selling a business and that nothing progresses further unless everyone is happy. Otherwise, there’s no point. I’d rather move on to the next opportunity than risk anyone’s happiness.

Ultimately the bigger picture I mentioned is about creating legacy. We all want to protect and provide for the people we care about. I consider this at every stage of the deal, and so do my team. We operate honestly, openly and with integrity in a culture derived from those shared core values.

When I’m not deal-making, I am a passionate Sheffield United supporter.


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